Make Fitness Your Priority this Summer

Overcome summer distractions to bring your Orange attitude from Orangetheory Fitness Syosset into other aspects of your life for an all-out healthy lifestyle.

Summer is finally here, OTF Nation! From vacations to time spent at the pool and ice cream cones to the hottest televised sports events, you deserve to enjoy the sunny season’s best offerings. But with so many distractions, how do you keep fitness top of mind? Orangetheory Fitness is central to your health, but being a member of Orangetheory Fitness Syosset is about more than just the time you spend here at the studio; it’s a lifestyle. We know you bring your Orange attitude into other parts of your life—and summer doesn’t have to slow you down.

The Kids’ Summer Vacation

With school suddenly out for the summer, it’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by increased Mommy or Daddy responsibilities. If you’ve started to feel like the kids are pulling you away from some of your fitness routines outside of Orangetheory, maybe it’s time to get creative with it. Include the little ones: Prioritize fitness not only for yourself but also as a healthy, fun, group activity for the whole family. Go swimming together, ride bicycles together, or come up with aerobic-centric relay races that involve hopping, jumping jacks, and more. Invest in inexpensive kids’ chef hats and aprons and get them involved in a weekly healthy cooking session. (Sounds like more fun than spending your summer breaking up fights between siblings arguing over which video game to play!) You’re already burning for your family and setting a good example by going to Orangetheory Fitness. Now you can get them involved in your healthy lifestyle so they get into healthy habits, too.

The Summer Trips

From family trips to destination weddings, when you’re physically pulled away from OTF Syosset, maintaining some sort of consistent workout regimen can help keep you on track for your goals and ensure you don’t slip away from the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to form.

When you’re planning a vacation, consider choosing a hotel with a fitness center—or, even better, a swimming pool. If days filled with touring or visiting relatives are likely to leave you extra tired with little time to spare, time spent swimming laps and doing other aerobics and stretching in the pool can keep your fitness mentality burning strong while still letting you feel like you’re on vacay. Bonus points if it’s a pool with palm trees and a view.

Think you’ll have time for the fitness center or a morning jog? Thinking of packing a lightweight jump rope in your suitcase? Bring your OT Beat with you and push yourself to the Orange Zone.

Let’s not forget about all that eating out you’re bound to do while out of town. Sampling the local flavor doesn’t have to mean letting go of your healthy eating habits. Your OTF sessions have earned you an ice cream crepe from the trendy café with rave reviews, so go for it! But for the majority of your meals while on tour, consider planning where you’ll eat ahead of time so you end up at restaurants that offer both healthy options and an enjoyable experience.

The Summer Games

If you’ve been keeping up with Lolo Jones in the news, you know that she’s been going All Out at Orangetheory Fitness to get ready for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. You might not be an Olympian (yet), but you can get ready to make watching on TV a fun fitness event. Bring some of the burpees and other moves you’ve learned at Orangetheory Fitness Syosset home with you and let the games begin! How about doing 10 burpees every time a celebrity is spotted in the stands, or planking for the duration of your national anthem? From favorite athletes getting the gold to perfect scores to sponsor mentions, the possibilities are endless.

The Olympics probably won’t be the only TV you watch this summer. Burn calories while you binge-watch season 3 of Orange is the New Black with jumping jacks every time it cuts to a flashback of one of the prisoners or guards.

You might not want to turn every TV show into work, but burning for up to 36 hours after your OTF workout means you can still burn while you watch.
Summer Heat

Can’t handle the heat? We don’t blame you. But if it’s causing you to skip your daily run or is otherwise hindering your normal level of activity, it might be time to take it inside. Ever wondered how much farther an extra OTF sesh every week might help propel you toward your fitness goals? This could be the perfect time to step up your Orangetheory game. Get out of the sun and into the Orange Zone!

Burning in the Summer

What else are you doing to keep fitness a priority this summer? Post to our Facebook page and let us know!


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