5 Reasons to Start Burning Now for the Summer

What are your summer fitness goals? If you want to be in better shape in time for summer, sign up today to start burning at Orangetheory Fitness Syosset today!

Summer may seem far away, but now is the time to start burning—and we’re not talking about sunburn! Here are the top five reasons to get yourself into Orangetheory Fitness Syosset NOW and start burning calories for the summer the moment we open.

1. We gain weight in the summer. This is opposite to what many people might think. We tend to associate summer with skinny and winter with plump. But here’s what happens when those summer months roll in:
  • Calorie intake skyrockets from cold, refreshing beverages. Think poolside lemonade, margaritas, and beer.
  • The heat might keep you inside instead of engaging in calorie-burning outdoor activities like running.
  • Summer vacations can take you away from your fitness routine and tempt you to indulge in fattening food you might not usually eat at home.
  • Longer days in summer generally mean staying up later, which often leads to late-night snacking.
Sign up now and you'll be equipped to counteract the calorific effects of Summer.

2. It’s bathing suit season. Don’t spend another summer hiding because you think you don’t look good. You do look good! But you have to feel good, too. Aside from losing weight at Orangetheory Fitness, one of the first things you’ll notice is a boost to your confidence. That confidence continues growing stronger the longer you keep at it, so sign up now to start burning as soon as we open.

3. Our favorite summer activities require more energy. From swimming and watersports to adventurous vacations and more time spent playing with the kids during their summer break from school, a lack of energy should never keep you from enjoying the things you love. Sign up now and get ready to build stamina that will make the difference between couch surfing and real surfing this summer.

Have you been keeping up with our #TransformationTuesday posts on Facebook? Many Orangetheory Fitness members experience more than just weight loss. They’re in such good shape that they’re able to run marathons and be more active than they’ve ever been in their entire lives.

4. We’ve made it past the food-heavy holidays. From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the fixings, to Christmas cakes and cookies to boxes of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, Fall and Winter are full of indulgent distractions that can make it difficult to get serious about fitness. Spring Cleaning needn’t only apply to your closets and cabinets; use this opportunity to clean up your health—starting with a proper diet and exercise. Now is the perfect opportunity to get focused on your goals.

5. Reaching goals takes time. You might not be thinking about summer yet, but by the time you are thinking about summer, it’ll likely be too late to make any major changes to your fitness and health (though it’s never to late to start).

Think about it. There are approximately 3,500 calories in a pound of fat. That’s a lot of calories to burn! High-intensity interval training at Orangetheory Fitness helps many of our members burn more calories than they would elsewhere in the same amount of time, not to mention the possibility of post-workout calorie burn for up to 36 hours after their workout. Regardless, it can take time to see drastic results, so the time to start is now. Start by signing up.

What are your fitness goals for the summer? Give us a call and share your goals with one of our certified trainers or orange ambassadors. We'll help you decide if Orangetheory Fitness is a good fit to help turn your goals into reality.



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